Sick and tired of the silence!

Well, if women have to be naked to get into the Met, what do they have to do to get parity in technology-related work? It seems nothing will work. Pretty much everytime I mention this problem to both male and female colleagues at SUNY — I am met with an uncomfortable silence, as though they are all sitting there thinking “ugh, here she goes again.” Recently two committees were announced up in Albany — in the Office of SUNY Learning Environments — regarding the future of the SUNY Learning Network. Now before I write anything else, I want to say that I care deeply about SLN. I am grateful to be part of that community — colleagues like Michael Feldstein, Patrick Masson, Ken Udas, Rob Piorkowski (and the other MIDs), and Alexandra Pickett (and many others that I am not naming here), make my job so much more interesting and challenging, and they have taught me so much.

Anyway, these two committees — the Executive Committee (which is about to make some VERY important decisions about the future of SLN) and the Technology subcommittee — are (approximately) 75% men. I said something about this inequity at a conference call — and no one — no one! — said something that indicated that they were also concerned about the issue. To her credit, Alex told me that she would relay my concerns to the subcomittee, but that’s as far as I got.

What’s up with that? Why the silence? Whe the defensiveness (sometimes I get “Don’t look at me — I didn’t do anything”)? All I am asking for is some awareness of the issue and some effort toward affirmative action — taking conscious steps to fix this serious problem. Just some concern, is that too much to ask? Apparently so.


~ by Joseph Ugoretz on March 8, 2006.

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